Ellicott City Photos by John Latchford Beck

John Latchford Beck (2012)John's NewSpeak Shop (1976)

John L. Beck has been photographing the colorful people, scenery & historic buildings of Ellicott City, MD continually since he opened his first shop on famous Tonge Row (section of Old Columbia Pike) in 1972.  Shortly after John’s arrival, the town was pounded by the merciless floods & record high winds of Hurricane Agnes, whose devastation re-sculpted much of the Patapsco River Valley and other Maryland waterways.  From the mid-1970s to the late 1980s, John tended bar at the Cacao Lane Restaurant on Main Street.  Then, for the next 20 years, he worked in the library photography collections on the campus of nearby UMBC.  His own personal archive holds thousands of meticulously cataloged prints that he shot on 35-mm negative film.  Today, John continues to document the characters and street festivals in & around his beloved hometown, through the lens of a digital camera that he bought in 2011.  (Images © John L. Beck unless otherwise noted.)

Ellicott City Flood (2011)


Little Sunshine Trading Co. (2011) Collapsed Stone Wall (2011) Bean Hollow & Tiber Park (2011) Tiber Park & Great Panes (2011) Cameraman shooting the Flood (2011)

Ellicott City Historic Photos


Old Columbia Pike 8133 Main Street 8069 Main Street Main Street Looking West Tonge Row

Ellicott City album #1


Oella (2012) Tisha & the Squid on Tonge Row (1972) Mumbles & Squeaks (1992) Mumbles & Squeaks (2007) Aerial View by Wayne Parks (1998)

Ellicott City album #2


John & Pam at the Forget-Me-Not-Factory (1998) Howard House (1990) Main Street Gourmet (1990) Ellicott City Bridge at Night (2010) Firehouse Museum (1990)

Ellicott City album #3


Trolley on Main Street (c. 1948) 8392 Merryman Street (1990) Ed Williams & the B&O Railroad Museum (1993) Ed's Christmas Company Shop (1990) Old Columbia Pike (1997)

Ellicott City album #4


Ellicott City panorama (c. 1900) Saint Paul Street (1998)

Charlene at 8116 Main Street (1991)

Mr. & Mrs. Yates (1991) Mr. & Mrs. Yates (1984)

Ellicott City album #5


South side of Main Street (2011) Steve Stannard (2011) John's Patio Garden (2011) Joan Eve (2011) James Barber Shop (1984)

Ellicott City album #6


Leslie the Glitter Girl (2011)n Girl with a Basket by A. Aubrey Bodine (1950) The Obladi Hotel (2011) Old Studebaker with California Tags (2012) Kelli & Ruth @ A Journey from Junk (2011)

Ellicott City album #7


Barry the Bubble Man (2012) Cyclist with B&O Museum in the background (2012) Lee in front of Cottage Antiques (2011) Hippie Shopkeepers on Tonge Row (1972/73) North side of Main Street (late 1970s)

Ellicott City album #8


Psychic Readings & Tarot Cards (2013) En Plein Air Painting (2013) En Plein Air Painting (2013) Ellicott City Public Library (1979) Paula in John's Garden after the Ghost Tour (2013)

Over the Years with John Beck (2012) by Julia Golonka


Ellicott City Memorabilia, Souvenirs & Ephemera


Ellicott City Lions Club, Inc. The Wood `N Nickel Dee's Kitchen Dee's Kitchen Rockodile News (1989)

Patapsco River Rock Building (2013)


Doug in Big Hat (2013) Jim in Hat (2013) Big Heart with Dog (2013) Family Building River Rock Sculptures (2013) Mom & Helper in the River (2013)
River Rock Sculpture Group (2013) River Rock Sculptress (2013) Doug in the River (2013) River Rock Sculpture (2013) Building River Rock Sculptures (2013)

Other Photo Albums © John L. Beck


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