EC Info Center Help & FAQs

Help!  I can’t access my committee’s webpages!
What’s my password?

You must have a WordPress username & password to access your committee pages on the EC Info Center.

If you don’t yet have a WP password, go to the WP SignUp page:

If you have forgotten your WP password or login, you can go to the Lost Password page.  And don’t worry, because it happens to everybody:

If you can successfully log in to, but you can’t access the ECHDP Committee webpages, then you need permission from the committee.  If you still need login help, contact your committee chair, or RichardTE.

Or you can also check out our Sign Me Up (form) page.

How do I post a blog article —
like committee meeting minutes, or a news item from the
HoCo Times or

There are several ways to begin a blog post.  One way is to click the New Post button on the black bar at the top of your WordPress window (you must first be logged in).  A different way to start a blog post is via an existing blog post.

On an existing blog post (also called a news item or article) there is a link at the bottom of its box that reads:

| Leave a comment | Edit

You can click Edit, but then don’t touch the existing post.  Instead, launch a new post by clicking the link at the top of the editing window that reads:  Add New

Once you have begun editing a new blog post, you can either type it from scratch, or you can copy content from another source.  For ECHDP Committees, a typical source might be meeting minutes in a MS-Word document — either .DOC or .DOCX .

We have found that Microsoft’s .DOC(X) formats do not play very well with the WordPress text editor.  The text formatting gets all noodled up in the transfer.  But, we have found that .RTF (Rich Text Format) is much friendlier (retaining font stylings, tables & bullets, colors & spacing).  MS-Word & all other standard word processors will let you save as RTF.  Then, re-open the .RTF document, and copy it into the WordPress editor.  When you are done, you can go back & manually prettify your text, if needed.

The WordPress editor also accepts text from other webpages.  If you are visiting, the HoCo Times, or even Wikipedia, you can copy & paste articles directly into the WordPress editor.

For much more detailed info on posting to WordPress (including videos) visit:

What is a blog?

Abbreviated from web log, a blog is a vertical series of articles heading up to the future, or back down to the past.  Each new blog post is stacked on top of those that came before it.  This ladder-like architecture makes a blog page different from a standard web page, which is a mostly static block of text.  A blog page is dynamic.

Pro Tip:  Meeting minutes or other documentation from the past can be back-dated in the WordPress blog editor!  This means that a HoCo Times article about Midnight Madness 2001 can actually be dated back to Dec 2001, and the WP blogging software will keep the proper chronology of such news items.  This is an important archiving feature of WordPress (and it’s all searchable)!

The EC Info Center has (as of Oct 2013) 9 blog pages.  There is one shared with the Public, one shared between all the committees, plus each of the 7 committees has its own internal blog.  If you are on the ECHDP Fundraising Committee, for example, you can read (or edit) the Fundraising blog, and the ECHDP Internal News blog, and the Public blog.  But, you cannot access the Green blog or the Promotion blog, unless you are also on those committees.  If you have an item for other committees to read, then post it to the ECHDP Internal News blog.

Can WordPress store or display .JPG files, Excel spreadsheets, .DOC(X) or .HTML or .PDF documents, etc?

Yes and no and yes and no … This kind of online file management can get pretty complicated, but we are working on it.  Cloud services like Google Docs (and Apps), Apple iCloud or DropBox can work in partnership with WordPress for handling different file types.  If you are interested, let’s talk about it!

If you have more questions or suggestions, leave a note below which will help us in updating this page.


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