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This site is not actually intended for the general public. Please visit our official website to find out more about everything that is happening in Historic Ellicott City, Maryland.

These pages are for working committees of the Ellicott City Historic District Partnership (the ECHDP).  If you need read or write access, please contact one of the web administrators on the ECHDP Communication Committee.

For access to these pages:
Login: ECInfo.wordpress.com/wp-login.php
or Register: signup.WordPress.com/signup

Note about editing & accessing webpages

aka, ‘following the committees’

Some content here on the EC Info Center site is visible to the general public (like this page).  But to view the many hidden (members-only) pages, one needs to be signed in with a WordPress.com password & ECHDP Editor status.

To view any pages on the 8 dedicated ECHDP Committee ‘sub-sites’, one must first have approval and have logged onto WordPress.com.  Ask your committee chair for access to your committee’s pages for news (meeting minutes), webpages & other info.  When visiting any of the ECHDP Committee pages (listed below in alphabetical order) follow the links to Request Access

Or you can also check out our Sign Me Up (form) page.

EC Info Center (you are here)

ECHDP • Internal News (blog)

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